Photo: Elvin de Boer.

Packaging, whether it is used for crisps or milk or washing powder is carefully designed. A designer has given serious thought to presentation of the product; combining form, materials and colours in such tempting ways that we, as consumers, are compelled to choose their product over the one of the competitor.
However, once that battle is won and the product is bought, at home the consumer discards the package and it ends up in the trashcan without anybody acknowledging the path that it took to become what it is.
Isn’t that strange?
Inspired by the beauty of junk and worried about the growing amount of household waste, Designer Elze van den Akker decided to take packaging materials as the base material and inspiration for her designs and started Pou-Belle Desing in the summer of 2010.

Only a few months later Pou-Belle Design won the Ernst & Young sustainable entrepreneur challenge. In 2014 her design BottleCapButton won the Duurzamedesignbattle of Voor De Wereld Van Morgen.

Beside productdesigner Elze works as Theatre Designer, makes illustrations and Sanddrawings. An overview of all her work can be found at the (Dutch only) website: